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Looking for a dynamic and relatable speaker 

for your event or podcast?

Ming is an interactive and engaging speaker who meets your audience where they are by sharing real life experience, motivation, and strategies. 

The Hidden C of 21st Century Skills: Courage

We know about the 4Cs of 21st Century Learners (Critical and Creative Thinking, Collaboration, and Communication) but do we know if our students are courageous enough to try them? There is a direct link between the level of risk involved in learning and the level of effort a student will give. You'll learn specific strategies on how to build a supportive and safe environment so students feel comfortable enough, supported enough, and compelled enough to risk their comfort and acquire new skill. Let's learn how to apply the key ingredient to prepare youth for the future!

Balancing Warmth and Candor

One of the challenges of coaching is finding the best way to share tough information.  In Daniel Coyle’s New York Times Bestseller The Culture Code, he writes about the importance of warm candor in fostering successful work relationships.  Candor is defined as open and honest in expression.  We’ll unpack this strategy to see how we can apply and maximize purposeful conversation for any leadership role.  We’ll share specific strategies of how to foster a positive culture between coach and teacher because in our technologically connected world, what will never be outdated or outsourced is the art of conversation.  Let’s talk!

How Positivity is a Key Ingredient to Success

With the research of positive psychologists Martin Seligman, Laurie Santos, and Shawn Achor, we dive into how our mindset can completely shift how we see ourselves and the people around us.   Positive brains have a biological advantage over brains that are neutral or negative.  Let's apply the research from positive psychology to learn positive habits and principles so we can be more productive not only in our professional lives, but also in our personal lives and beyond. 

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