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I'm Ming

My Story

I started my professional career as a K/1 teacher in the Chicago suburbs.  One of the best parts of that position was being a part of the school community, working in  partnership with families to create the best learning experience for our students.  


Then I transitioned to being an Instructional Coach to support Early Childhood thorough 8th grade students.  It was a hard transition leaving the comfort of the classroom, but, as it turned out, I loved celebrating with teachers who were seeing success in their classroom from our coaching sessions!  I realized that, through coaching, my influence reached beyond the 25 students in my classroom to many 25+ student classrooms.  My favorite part was leading professional development trainings,  collaborating with educators, and being a hype girl for them so they felt motivated and  energized to try new strategies with their students.  


In addition to all of that, I got to write curriculum, coach fellow educators and administrators, and facilitate programs for adults and youth in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the United States! What a lucky gal! 


Now I’m currently a  Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and the best part of this job is working together with administrators, staff, and families to make the best curricular and instructional decisions for students. 


I’ve dedicated my career to inspiring students, teachers and administrators through positive learning experiences, and I believe that courage is the critical ingredient for personal transformation.   To create communities where courage thrives, we must design intentional learning experiences, be authentic in our own learning process, and offer specific, strategic support. 


Now I’m building a community of courage with you!  


 In 2018, Courage was my word of the year.  When things were tough, I would turn to my friends to hear their stories of courage.  Their stories and similar experiences helped me believe I could get through the tough times and come out stronger.  Also, these stories reminded me that I wasn’t alone , that I had a community of love and friendship to support.  Hence,  The Courage Up Podcast was born! Check more out in the Podcasts section.  


When I’m not being courageous, you can catch me hanging out with my husband and kids, drinking a hot chai tea latte, or traveling whatever places can handle twin four year old boys! 


Anyone who has experienced me in person knows that I love to laugh with you, hear your great stories, and build a connection.  I'm an enneagram 7, so I’m all about getting to know my people! Drop a line below so we can connect! 


Oh, this is here if you want to know about official “on paper” me:   Ming is a National Board Certified teacher who received her Bachelors degree in Education and Masters degree in Educational Psychology, specializing in Curriculum, Technology, and Educational Reform from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She also has her Ed.S in Administration and Supervision along with her English as a Second Language endorsement.

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