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Episode 55: Mini Moment: Courage Up One Year Anniversary

Today is Courage Up's One Year Anniversary! I share some themes I've noticed from guests this last year and bring back Ailie, Hans, Shari, Chase and Brandy for an update of what they've been up to this last year!

Happy One Year Anniversary to Courage Up!

Ailie Steele


  • Lean into your strengths

  • Process for Courage Up (having a playlist, dancing, journaling)

Dr. Hans Boateng

Instagram: ​@investingtutor

  • Educator Yourself

  • Have a long term perspective

Shari Murphy

  • Believe. Believe in the world that things are happening for us, not to us.

  • Ask what’s the next right thing for me to do.

Chase Mielke

Instagram: @chasemielke

  • Speak Truth

  • Set Action

Brandy Edwards

  • Prioritize a passion project

  • Take Action When You have Fear


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