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Episode 54: Decluttering And Organizing with Janelle Williams

Learn how to reclaim our space and time from decluttering and organizing expert Janelle Williams. She answers questions like what is the most requested space to get organized and how to start in that space, how mindset is a huge part of organizing, how to get our kids started young, and so much more!

About Janelle

As the Owner and Lead Organizer of Organized by JWC, Janelle assists clients with reclaiming their space + time while conquering their clutter with ease. Her passion is digging deeper and helping clients understand the why behind the clutter. Janelle is also a published Author, Speaker and has been featured on local TV as well as online magazines.

Courage Up Moment

Janelle worked really hard at getting her masters in public health and landed the job she wanted. Getting the degree, the job, working in the dream department and then all of a sudden walking away from it was not an easy decision. Janelle experienced issues with racism at her state position and needed to be more available to her son who was starting a program at the time. She left her state position and started Organized by JWC. She took a leap of faith. She knew she wanted something different and she wanted to be there for her family. She was scared, and it took a lot of courage to walk away.

The catalyst to being able to walk away was her friends and family. Her friends and family kept saying how much they liked the spaces she designed and after looking into it a little more, Janelle realized professional organizing was a thing. It was the encouragement of family and friends that led her to finally say, let me try this thing.

From that moment, she has had impact in changing the way people view clutter and organizing. She’s also got time and flexibility with her family.

#1 Room Request

The Kitchen!

She agrees to start with the kitchen too because the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where we dwell the most. When we’re talking about organizing, it’s important to star with the main areas and get everyone involved so that when we get to the personal areas, you know what to do.

3 Ways to Get Started

  • Periodically go in the kitchen and get rid of what you're not using, or things that are expired. Do an inventory of what you need.

  • Don’t buy the containers if you don’t need the containers.

  • Focus on the process not the product

The Guilt You Feel When Getting Rid of a Gift

You can do one of two things:

  1. If you really want to hold on to the item, create a space to store it. Don’t store it in your high traffic area.

  2. You can pass it on to someone else and it could be beneficial to that person. Giving it away you’re actually doing something good.

Mindset with Decluttering

Before you even deal with the physical stuff, you have to deal with the mindset. Organization, order, productivity, all of that is about habits and changing your habits, changing your routines, and thoughts. Important to explore the mindset. Ask yourself the hard questions: Why is it I hold onto things? Why am I shopping? It’s about exploring the behavior first so you can find out the root cause.

Decluttering Paper

  • #1 take care of it right away

  • To deal with it, you have to schedule time to deal with it.

  • System what you need to shred, keep, or file.

  • Creating two separate areas for your papers: short term storage or longer term storage

Get Kids Involved with Organizing

  1. Start them young

  2. Hold them accountable

  3. Show your kid what it means to be organized. As the parent, you have to do what it is you want them to do.


Start small. When you try to take on too much, it’s just going to be more overwhelming.


Do it afraid. Don’t let your fear stop you from pursuing your dreams.

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