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Episode 50: How to Leverage Your Strengths with Jana Gregorek

“Be Yourself Everyone Else is Taken” Be yourself. Know your strengths. Continue to leverage them everyday at work and at home.

About Jana

Jana Gregorek is the Chief Growth Officer of Visionary Wealth Advisors, headquartered in St. Louis, MO. In her role, she is a key member of the Visionary Executive team, responsible for the growth of the company, which has grown to 7 locations in 4 states since opening in 2014. Prior to joining Visionary, Jana spent 12 years in a corporate financial institution where she was a leader and limited partner.

After having her first child while obtaining her MBA from Washington University in St. Louis AND working full time , Jana decided she needed a change. She decided to leave corporate America, going against what most thought she should do, and "couraged up" in order to have a more integrated personal and professional life.

Today, Jana enjoys spending her pandemic "free time" chasing her kids around, reading every day, staying active and challenging herself to learn new things!

Courage Up Moment

Jana’s first Courage Up moment happened when she went back to school to get her MBA from Washington University in St.Louis. While she was getting her MBA, she was put in pods with other very successful people. What she realized was that she had strengths and she had a lot to offer to her group also. She was able to use that courage and take it back it to her work environment. She can be true to herself and play up to her own strengths.

The second Courage Up moment was that she had her daughter in the middle of her MBA program.

6 months After Graduating with her MBA

She bought a notebook and started writing down what would be her ideal role, and what would be her ideal day. This also helped her create her elevator pitch. When people would ask what I could do to help you, she had clarity.

She started networking and connecting and found a company that fit all of her check boxes. She went out to lunch with the CEO and pitched herself!

Where to Start

1. Know your strengths and use Clifton’s Strengthsfinder if you don’t know your top strengths. Jana’s top are:

  • Maximizer

  • Communication

  • Woo

2. Connect on LinkedIn and social media.

Staying Proactive

Blocking 30 minutes and week and being really purposeful with how you’re connecting on social media.

Buying that notebook and having the blank pages. Write out your to do list. Who are the people you want to connect with? What assessments do you want to take?

Final Thoughts

Change can be so hard, but to stay somewhere where you’re not happy is even harder. Know and leverage your strengths to build your confidence. Think about work-life integration. How do you integrate your life into your work and your work into your life? Start with the blank sheet of paper- what does your perfect day look like? Making sure you’re incorporating time for you and your family whatever it looks like for you.


“Be Yourself Everyone Else is Taken”

Courage Song:

Good as Hell” by Lizzo


Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg


Links Mentioned

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LinkedIN: Jana Gregorek

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Instagram: @mingshelby

Facebook: Ming Shelby

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