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Episode 48: What it Means to be in Sisterhood with Kirsten Asher

I AM HUNTRESS: a woman who boldly pursues her desires in the face of adversity and stands true in her deepest convictions. A woman who expands in all areas of her life while supporting and being supported.

“We’re not meant to do it alone, let’s do it together."

About Kirsten

The woman behind the women! She is a former stunt performer and dancer who created Huntress Mastermind to show women they no longer need to people please, play it safe or stay disconnected from themselves. Instead, they can become the woman they’re meant to be by shifting the internal narrative, establishing boundaries and expanding in all areas of life - not just business.

The Mastermind is a not-so-secret society of like-minded women who redefine what it means to be in sisterhood by doing the work, taking the action and making the impact.

Courage Up Moment

It was the moment she decided she was going to try her hand at doing stunts in Hollywood. She had been living in San Diego and was fascinated with action movies and stunts in movies. Kirsten trained at a cirque du Soleil gym in San Diego. She took the step to doing it professionally, got her SAG card because of it. Kirsten is really happy she is able to say she went for it and go for what she truly wanted to do.

Favorite Stunt Moment

An old stunt performer, opened up his home to younger stunt people with ladders, shipping tanks,etc... in his backyard. There was a ladder that went up stories and stories...Kirsten went up 3 stories high and did a fall from there. It was an incredible experience.

She was drawn to how doing stunts was truly mind over matter and fully trusting yourself and your body. This was her first step with building a relationship with herself.

Women Relationships in the Industry

She trained and got into the stunt world and then a woman took her under her wing in production. From there, she would freelance and do different projects on different networks. Some women were incredible to work for, some you needed to walk on eggshells around them. Kirsten overheard many conversations in the cafe, in the office area, etc... Some were beautiful like executives helping junior executives. Other conversations were more negative saying how another person was undercutting her. The trust you’re building with people is sometimes not translated into relationships with women. You have such trust when you do a fall, or a fight scene, or dance. Kirsten started to realize there's a dynamic between women. Some are encouraging, and others have a catty like instinct.

Beautiful Connection Moment

Someone was new to the office and didn’t know what to do. Everyone was in the bullpen type area and another woman was walking by and overheard her say she was new. She walked over, introduced herself and said, “Hey, I’ve been here a couple of years, want me to give you the general go around and share my experience?” It wasn't her position to do that, but she took it upon herself to make her feel comfortable.


It’s fascinating how we’re taught from a young age to not trust women. As toddlers you play with each other, it doesn’t matter who has what. In elementary and middle school, the dynamic starts to shift from the way girls treat each other, treat boys, and treat adults. They start turning their backs because one of the friends wore a funky backpack. Then in high school, you’re starting to get involved in sports and attend classes based on ‘intelligence’ There’s a lot of judgment that gets thrown around. We have judgments over what people most likely don't have control of. In college your wounds are already there. You start finding evidence of why you should mistrust women.

Shift Narrative of Sisterhood

  1. Doin the inner work

  2. Integrate it step by step into your life

  3. Meet new people

Going after our Dreams while maintaining a Supportive Sisterhood

  1. Know who your inner circle is. Your core group who intimately know you and vice versa. You have high integrity with each other.

  2. Knowing what you want my not come easy

  3. Your Voice will Always be the Loudest Takeaway:

Find your Core Group

  • Seek outside your comfort zone in meet ups or networking events

  • Meet other women from friends of friends

  • Get curious about the women you meet

Final Thoughts

Being willing to get uncomfortable and putting yourself out there is huge. In the meantime, you could get burned. Taking a stand and being an example is going to take some work. If it’s not well received, don't take it personally. Keep finding people who are interested in the same things you are.


“Do not take things personally”

Courage Song:

Harmony by Clozee



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