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Episode 37: Soldier of Love with Antuan Magic Raimone part 1

Antuan Magic Raimone believes in a world where love is stronger than fear. He reveals what works for him when fear shows up and how vulnerability and communication are key elements in his current relationship. Also, he shares how he made Lin Manuel Miranda genuinely laugh on stage!

About Antuan

Antuan Magic Raimone is a TEDx Lincoln Square Speaker and childhood sexual abuse survivor who is using his voice to help those that have not found their own. He is a member of the Office of Victim Services Advisory Council, has given keynotes at the University of Virginia and the SPECTRUM Conference in Albany, NY, as well as the United States Merchant Marine Academy(USMMA). With more than 20yrs of experience in Musical Theatre, Antuan has traveled across the country and around the world once as a performer. He is currently a Universal Swing for Hamilton on Broadway and across the country. He was the Vacation Swing for In the Heights during its Off-Broadway and Broadway runs, has performed at Radio City Music Hall and The Grand Ole Opry in Tennessee, and was paid to dance in the window of a Marc Jacobs retail store dressed as a pig. He is currently working on his first book; “Becoming Magic” due to be released in early

Soldier of Love

It came about from the last election. Prior to that, he has done a lot of personal work with understanding certain patterns and behaviors that were based on fear. He realized he could no longer live in fear on a regular basis. Magic takes responsibilities for the energy and intention he puts in this world.

The biggest surprise from creating Soldier of Love is seeing the positive impact of the relationship he has with his immediate family. There is more love in their lives and Magic has enjoyed how their relationship has grown over the years.

Courage Up Moment

It was a reaction to destruction he caused in a relationship. The seed of that again was fear for Magic. He was in a relationship with someone new. He prayed that the next man he was in a relationship with, he wanted a stronger emotional connection before the physical aspects. This man in the new relationship was exactly what he wanted. He didn’t realize how unprepared he was mentally and emotionally once they reached the physical part of the relationship. He resorted to old habits and sabotaged the relationship.

Ultimately, he sought out therapy to help him process and address his history of abuse. He was so afraid of repeating these patterns and living the rest of his life alone. He wanted to give love and receive love.

Impact of Courage Up Moment

When he talks about living from a place of love, it’s not denying fear, rather identifying it and acknowledging it. Then doing what he has to do whether to laugh, cry, dance to move on.

Current Relationship

To enter into his current relationship, he had the firmest understanding of who he is as an individual, much better idea of the kind of relationship he wanted to create with someone, and knew what kind of person he was bringing to the relationship. Communication is vitally important for his relationship. Magic has created a safe space for open communication. He has been more vulnerable with this partner more than anyone else.

Origin of the nickname Magic

He has the ability to watch and learn choreography very quickly with a lot less instruction than most people. Same with music, he has a great ear. He would be shown something a few times and then be ready for the next part. When he was auditioning for a part, he was taught a few parts by the dance captain and the rehearsal had to be ended early. When he came back for the rehearsal the next day, Antuan had retained it. People were asking the dancing captain how the new guy is doing. The dance captain responded with “I show him something a few times and he picks it up. He’s like magic” He’s been addressed as Magic since 2007.

Working with Lin Manuel Miranda

Antuan has worked with him for several years. Lin will come in and say hi to the cast and hang out. They’ve been on stage together. One time, they shared the stage in LA for In the Heights.


Connect With Magic

Facebook: Antuan Raimone

Connect With Ming:

Instagram: @mingshelby

Facebook: Ming Shelby

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