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Episode 35: Mini Moment with Ming: Courage in Review

Have you ever wondered what do I want to keep doing and what do I want to stop doing? What is a good place to start? One of the most important exercises you can do over the holidays is to take an honest reflection of the previous year and decide evaluate what you did well, what you could have done better, and how you’ll apply that info into the New Year.

Why Do a Review

  1. Own our accomplishments

  2. Celebrate the moments

  3. Reveals what was important

This helps us get specific on what we want to do more of, and what to less of.

Courage Review

Reflect when did you Courage Up in 2002? Take time to celebrate these moments!

Reflect where do you still want to Courage Up? Write these down!

My Courage Up Celebrations

  • Starting a podcast

  • Applied to a TEDx and got accepted! TEDx coming out in January!

  • Be a part of the Big Talk Round Table: Conscious Conversations around Race

  • Asked my hair stylist for a shorter haircut

  • Asked the checkout girl to look for an item

My Courage Up Continues

  • Showing up and not shrinking down

  • Using my voice


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Facebook: Ming Shelby

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