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Episode 33: Your Beauty Guru with Elizabeth Molina

Elizabeth has escaped domestic abuse, left a successful job in big pharma to pursue her passions, and started a successful beauty brand She gives her perspective on how to courage up in the big moments and the day to day moments.

About Elizabeth

A Beauty Mentor/Influencer, Founder of, a model on a mission and a speaker. Elizabeth’s personal story of survival has led her to become a catalyst to help people redefine the why surrounding beauty practices. Elizabeth will help you find and uncover the reasons behind your beauty choices. Elizabeth’s practices will help you discover your true self and reignite your zest for life.

Courage Up Moment

The moment she decided to leave an abusive marriage. It was hard to leave a person who kept abusing her, but it was her daughter who motivated her to leave. She didn’t want her daughter to grow up watching her be abused. Elizabeth wanted to be a good role model for her.

Building the Molina Glow

She said she was born into a person who loves beauty. Always a part of her as a little girl. Everything girly from shoes to makeup she was always very interested in. She really believed makeup was modern sorcery.

She started modeling from the age of 5 and took breaks from the beauty industry. As a career, she was in pharma because she loved science very much. She was making so much money in pharma, yet she wasn’t fulfilled. She found herself having meetings with doctors and surgeons and talking to them about beauty at the end!

Elizabeth found that she was the happiest when she was talking about beauty. She decided to leave pharma and pursue beauty full time. It was so hard because there were a lot of great benefits.

Impact from building The Molina Glow

Feeling free and liberated that she doesn’t have to wear the character anymore She can help so many people feel confident about themselves. It’s not about superficial beauty. The impact on people’s lives has been the most satisfying thing for her. She looks forward to the messages she receives of someone thriving and living in confidence after working with her.

She noticed there was a big discrepancy in the beauty industry from the medium price to super high end with mixed results. The turning point was when she got a facial for $650 and Elizabeth had an allergic reaction to the facial. She felt robbed and jipped. The Molina Glow is how she took all the treatments she’s gotten and tailored them to one treatment that's going to make you feel immediate results, keep getting results, and learn about your beauty.

Myth in the Beauty Industry

Everyone is perfect. If you’re an expert in glowing skin, you never have a bad day.


She views it in two ways: either you Courage Up or you don’t. If you don’t, then you stay stuck and sedentary. The worst that could happen is you fail and you’re right back at where you were. On the other side, when she opens the door, it’s always brighter. She knows there’s a world and universe with infinite possibilities and it’s just waiting for her to open the door. Basically, what do you have to lose?


You are the author of your book. With the way your life is going, would you want to pick up in your own book?

Courage Song:

Unstoppable by Sia


Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl


Connect With Elizabeth

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