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Episode 28: Vitiligo taught me to love and accept myself individually with Mala Kennedy

Mala Kennedy reveals how vitiligo taught her to love and accept herself fully. She also shares her story of growing up in Australia with white parents and being adopted from Sri Lanka with brown skin.

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Courage Up Moment

The game changer for Mala was after her son was born. She had vitiligo for a few years, but only had a small patch. It started to spread, and she had to face up to learn and love her skin. She wanted to show up for herself positively so her son could do that same.

The journey to loving her skin was a slow one. To get to self-love, it’s important to start at the foundation. She had to do it with tiny little commitments to herself.

Giving up drinking was another act of self-love for her. As soon as she stopped drinking, she couldn’t numb anymore.

Practices to Loving Her Skin

Started with lying in bed and telling her skin how grateful she was for it. It was easy because she could do it in the dark. Then the mirror work came after that.

Being Adopted from Sri Lanka

Mala had a very blessed childhood. There’s so much racial prejudice even if it wasn't explicit. She felt the looks because she didn’t look like her parents. Mala felt like she was white because her parents were white, but she would get comments that would remind her she wasn’t white. One of the questions she strongly dislikes is “where are you from?”

She had a chance to visit Sri Lanka and met her birth parents. It was very formal meeting her family. Mala also had an odd experience with a man who said really rude comments towards her. She felt like an outsider and a stranger.

Embracing Self

Mala started to find what her boundaries were in her life, how she wanted to show up. Shortly after that, she went traveling with her family. She finally started coaching and getting into her business and fully owning who she is.


Make small tiny commitments with yourself



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