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Episode 24: Leverage the Power of Energy with Keiya Rayne

On today’s episode, Keiya Rayne describes how leveraging the power of energy makes courage so much easier. Listen in if you want to attract the right people and the right circumstances in your life and achieve a level of confidence you can be grounded in. Keiya also shares a myth about energy.

About Keiya

She’s an Energy Healer, TEDx speaker, Relationship Shaman, Channeler of Divine Wisdom and creator of the Magnetic Soul-Work Coaching Programs. Keiya’s been blissfully married to her soul-mate Victor for 10 years. Together they share a life of love and inspiration.

Keiya Rayne is described by one of her clients as “Yoda,” but only cuter. For over a decade she's guided her clients to uncover and release blocks to manifesting their true Love, Prosperity, Purpose and Happiness.

Known as a "Counsel of last resort," Keiya's help is usually sought after by those who've tried everything else. Using her unique intuitive and clairvoyant abilities, she helps clients quickly "cut through the chaos," allowing for swift, effective and lasting results.

Courage Up Moment

Keiya grew up and was mentally, physically, emotionally abused from the time she was 8 through 16. She was able to leave the Bahamas and move in with her sister in the States. She thought free at last. She started experiencing fear and anxiety. All she could think about was how could I die? One night she took matters into her own hands and took a bunch of pills. While she was laying down, she heard a voice say

“You were put on this Earth for more than this, get up!”

The next day she went to work and saw the sun shine around a co-worker who was not so sunshiny before. She asked the woman what was different and she said she joined a program that made all of the difference. Keiya called the program and initially thought she couldn't do the program because it cost too much money. Then she realized she just needed to trust that this voice was going to guide her from one to the next. The next day she called back and said sign me up!

That was what cracked her open on her spiritual journey.

Courage to Trust

When she was young and being abused, she had a knowing that they could touch her body, but they couldn’t touch her soul. Trusting for Keiya started at a very young age. It wasn’t like she had something physical she could trust, she had to have trust in faith. You don’t need to know the how. You just need to know this is the intention I have, the desire, and just stay focused on that.

Pay attention to the small voice. So often we discount it. For example, if you’re going on a date and something seems off but you’re having a good time so you brush it off. Trust the sensation, the feeling in your body.

Our connection to spirit. Have you ever thought about somebody, and then the next thing you know they’re calling you? Whenever that happens, keep a little evidence journal. This is telling you that you’re connected to spirit, the universe somehow. The more you keep evidence in this, the more you’re going to build your trust in the universe.

Where you attention goes, that’s what grows.

Passion in Power of Vibration

It has transformed Keiya’s life on so many levels. When she thinks of exercising courage, often we think it’s a solo event. When we leverage energy, it’s kind of like the universe has my back. It becomes the dance between the physical and the spiritual. I don’t have to rely solely on my own power to do it.

“Life is not meant to be a struggle.”

One Way to Leverage Energy

Trusting and Letting Go

Myth about Vibration and Energy

Before you say no to it, just try it. If someone is a naysayer, energetically they’re cut off. If someone is open, they’re open to possibilities.


As we consider how to be more courageous, our go to is often “What can I do?” Instead, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. How can I? When we think of How can I, we open up to possibilities.

  2. If not now, then when? Make a decision from an empowered place and be ok with it.


“Things are always working out for me”

Courage Song:

I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross

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Conversations with God with Neale Donald Walsch

The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukhav


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Listen to songs on the Courage Up Playlist!

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