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Episode 23: Motherhood Aligned with Katy Weade

On today’s episode, Katy Weade, founder of Motherhood Aligned shares with us the three steps she used to find her purpose at 40 and how she made it happen. Listen in if you’re curious on how to discover your purpose, push past your fears, and take action.

About Katy

Katy Weade, founder of Motherhood Aligned, is a Parenting Educator and Family Coach helping parents build better relationships with their children, parent confidently, and ultimately lead a family life that is in alignment with their personal priorities and values.

She holds Life Coach and Youth, Family, and Parent Certifications from the World Coach Institute, studies Conscious Parenting at the Jai Institute for Parenting, and is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator.

Katy is the mother of 2 wonderful children who have inspired her to pursue this work and turn her passion for parenting into a career helping other families create the family dynamic they long for.

Courage Up Moment

Katy had a business she sold. She knew there was going to be something else for her but she didn’t quite know what it was. She went back to the corporate world as a Director of Marketing at a big company and was miserable. She had been daydreaming about a lot of different things. She said ”I’m about to turn 40,I’m in a job I’m miserable in after having my own business, I'm not going to just settle, I’m going to figure out what my purpose is and live it intentionally. “

Push Past Fears

Number one she asked herself, “What does happiness look like to me?” For Katy, a career in line with her personal values, but also the flexibility to prioritize her family.

First step: Allow herself to daydream for a little bit. Just dream.

After daydreaming, you’ll start to get clarity about what you want. If you’re not sure, ask friends and family, “what do you think I’m good at? What have I helped you with in the past?”

Next step: Go into research mode. Katy immersed herself in learning and research. Do you need any certifications? What does it look like to build the life of my dreams? It’s really easy to get stuck in this mode. Do the research, do the work, but don't get stuck here. When you come out on the other side, you’ll realize, It’s fear that’s holding you back. When you push past the fear, you will find a way to make it happen!

Step 3: Execution or Action. Take all of the research you’ve done and apply it.


Depends on how long you sit in the research and the fear side of things. Your timeline depends on how you move into taking action.

Sit in Fear for a Short Amount of Time

Once you start doing little things and see it making an impact, it motivates you to do even more.

Motherhood Aligned

She’s always had this belief that balance is a myth. Instead, how can she align all of these areas of her life so she’s not overwhelmed? What can she include and what can she eliminate? This is how she came up with her name for her business.


The best action step is to first figure out what the daydream is and do something everyday that will get you one step closer. Just take the next best step one day at a time. You’ll gain clarity as you go along. What matters is that you’re headed in the right direction.


“Today is better than someday” It reminds Katy that her dreams won’t come true if she’s not doing something to make them come true today. Bottom line-she doesn’t want to live with regret.

Courage Song:

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Connect With Katy

Instagram: ​@motherhoodaligned

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Listen to songs on the Courage Up Playlist!

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