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Episode 18: Community of Courage

Today, on Ming’s birthday we’re pulling a switcheroo and Ming gets interviewed by her husband Ryan! She shares how choosing Courage as her word of the year jump started her desire to build a community of courage and how the podcast became the just right medium for that!

Community of Courage:

In 2018, Ming chose Courage as her word of the year. What really helped her lean into courage was hearing other peoples’ stories of courage thus the Courage Up podcast was born. She wanted a place where hearing other’s stories gave hope and inspired people. Her word of the year in 2019 was action, and the word for 2020 is alignment.

Moment of Courage:

In 2006, she got an amazing opportunity teaching Kindergarten and First Grade. She was at a great school, with a great team, and a great community. Several years later, she became an instructional coach in the district and learned even more. The district she was in would be considered by many as a destination district- the district you get hired in and retire. Many times through Ming’s 13 years there, she thought that would be true for her too. However, despite the great reputation and the abundance of resources, she realized it was not her destination. There was something more out there for her.

Podcast Reflections

Ming just started mentoring three people in creating their own podcast and it’s been amazing being on this journey with them.

Something she didn’t expect is the amount of love and support from this community. She’s really grateful to all of the listeners for their support.

Potential Future Guests:

Brene Brown

Tina Fay and Amy Poehler

Jasmine Guillory

Michelle Obama

For People Who Are Seeking New Opportunities

  1. Get aligned with your values

  2. Find a really great tribe of people who have your back no matter what

  3. Ask yourself what’s the best that could come from this?


What’s meant for you will never miss you

Courage Song:

Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

Listen to songs on the Courage Up Playlist!


Mindset by Carol Dweck


Connect With Ming:

Instagram: @mingshelby

Facebook: Ming Shelby

Listen to songs on the Courage Up Playlist!

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