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Episode 17: You Decide Who You Are with Grace Krohse

Singer-Songwriter Grace Krohse shares her journey of not letting the diagnosis of Crohn’s stop her from pursuing her dreams. She shares how who you are as a person is the only thing that can define you.

About Grace

Grace Krohse is a singer-songwriter with Crohn’s disease based out of Chicago Illinois. She just released her new single “Complicated” that is available on all streaming platforms

Moment of Courage:

When Grace decided to not let her illness define who she is and what her accomplishments in the future could be. Last summer she was really sick and had a rough couple of months dealing with Crohn’s. When she was going through the flare up, she told herself she was never going to let herself take for granted the energy and drives that she has because she never really knows when the next flare might come up. She realized that she could either live in fear or she could take advantage of the times she was feeling good and just make as much progress as possible during those times. GraceI started to realize that her future self was just going to be so angry at herself if she gave up and didn't push through.

Staying Focused

Her mom has told her when you have moments of doubt, it’s just a little bump in the road. Everyone has times like that where they slip off.

Another Courage Up Moment

Her friend Joey introduced her to Chris Difford from Squeeze. She was able to do a week long song writing class with him. It was scary and also the highlight of her quarantine. That experience made her a lot more confident.

Music Journey

It started to pick up at the end of Freshman year/beginning of Sophomore year. She got really excited about learning a lot of songs. She started learning covers and finding local coffee shops/farmer’s markets to play. She started to look for more events and started writing more originals. Last year she came up with 2 singles from The Artist’s Spotlight album. She realized she loves that! She would love to continue to release more songs in the future. Her plan right now is to attend college for music business and work for a record label.

Currently Couraging Up

Grace is actively choosing to reset her mindset. Instead of the initial response of doubt, she tries to jump on every opportunity. It’s really easy to compare yourself to other people. It’s easy to think you're not qualified to do something.

Fear of Image

Something that she’s realized recently is that the people that you love and the people who love you back aren’t going to care if you mess up a million times and those are the only opinions that matter. She tries to keep that in mind when she’s in those situations.

Finding Your People

Finding friends who can laugh with you.

Make fun of yourself with your people

Courage in Pursuing Music

Finding the confidence in yourself to put everything out

Crohn's Diagnosis

She was 12 when she got diagnosed and was sick for a while so she was happy to have a diagnosis but she was worried she wouldn't be able to go to school with the illness. Thankfully, she’s been able to live a typical high school life.


Grace released a new song on Friday called Complicated. It’s about what she was putting into a relationship wasn’t the same as what she was getting out of it. She’s really excited for people to hear how her writing has improved and for songs to play live.


Everyone has something they’re struggling with. Your issues don’t have to be limiting, you just have to work around them. Who you are as a person is the only thing that can define you.


“I’m stronger than I think I am”

Courage Song

Dragons by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors

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All the Light We Cannot See

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Connect With Ming:

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Listen to songs on the Courage Up Playlist!

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