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Episode 13: Woman Redefined with Rupa Kapoor

Today on Courage up, Rupa Kapoor from Woman Redefined talks about trusting her intuition and her body and how to trust in yourself all the way. She shares her process of unstuffing and what that means.

About Rupa

Rupa, CEO of Woman Redefined, loves (adores and craves) helping women show up and be powerful in their bodies, in their souls, and wants them to know that they deserve to live their best lives. As a former photographer that specialized in helping women show up and be seen through the lens, Rupa now takes her "magic sauce" from the studio and provides women private coaching sessions and group experiences so that more badass women can create and witness their own transformation.

Rupa designed a personalized experience called "Reveal, Reclaim and Redefine" in 2019, created for women who are ready to unleash their inner Goddess, see true transformation in all aspects of their lives and embrace their true selves as they STEP INTO life! Rupa teaches from her own life experience that came from personal deep self healing and recovery after 20+ years of major health issues and a highly toxic relationship that she was courageous enough to leave at the age of 50. She vowed to never go "back" to this body or life again and made the choice to reclaim her life which is now full of trust, ease, fun and enough-ness. Her mission is to show women how they can create these possibilities for themselves so that they, too, can show up powerful, step into their fierce and take up space unapologetically!

Courage Up Moment

At first, she didn’t think she could align with that word. Courage felt like a word meant for bigger people. There wasn’t one moment that she thought her life would change rather, it was an encapsulation from her years of being very sick. Four years ago, her body was riddled. Then she thought to herself, “What if I shifted the game here? What if it was this toxicity that was building all the other toxicities?” At 50, she didn’t expect to start her life over again.

In a private moment between her and her ex-husband, she said she couldn’t do it anymore.

The Unstuffing

First unstuffing happened when she believed she could trust herself. She had stuffed her body so full of emotions being told that you’re not an amazing woman, not much of anything. Of course what you do to stay self-protected you just stuff those emotions. The unraveling and unstuffing started after she realized what she was doing. She started looking into who she was as a person. Every negative comment, every negative thing that she heard, her body felt every single punch not only from the outside source, but also from herself because over the years she stopped seeing the woman she could be. When you stuff emotions away, your body feels it. She chose to unstuff and deal with her emotions.

Stop shoulding all over yourself

No shoulds on where you have to be or need to be.

Impact of Unstuffing

Inflammation was causing severe harm to her body. She would visit the doctor and give over 15 vials of blood. After the unstuffing she was down to 1 vial and she lost 55 pounds. She feels stronger than she’s ever felt mentally and physically. She takes really good care of herself with how she’s living her life. She’s filling her life back up with the good stuff, by finding joy and feeling gratitude. Her body transformed as her mind transformed.


Trust in your Body when it is telling you something that it needs. Listen to it and follow through with it. Trust in yourself all the way.


You don’t know what You don’t Know. Reminder of who and what more you can be and who you're becoming every single day.

Courage Song:

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield


The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks


Connect With Rupa:

Website:Woman Redefined

Instagram: @womanredefined

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Instagram: @mingshelby

Facebook: Ming Shelby

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