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Episode 10: Using Enneagram to Discover Who You Are with Natasha Smith

When Natasha learned to understand herself through the Enneagram, she felt her world opening up, seeing so many possibilities to grow and flourish in all areas of life. That’s what she’s passionate about now — Helping online business women use their full potential by understanding their Enneagram type and leveraging the Enneagram to grow in every area of life. Today, Natasha shares about her transformational journey with Enneagram and how you can experience it too!

Moment of Courage:

One of the big ones was starting her enneagram coaching business. She committed to it and made it happen.

She has met so many wonderful women on this journey and helped so many people see their true potential. While helping others grow, she has grown as well.

Background on Enneagram

It’s an ancient wisdom system, no one knows where it came from but it was always translated orally. It’s recently come out as a personality test and typing system that can bring amazing transformation. It’s deeper than a personality test. It's a system that will help you uncover the things that are in your blind spot. It goes beyond the behavior and into the why behind the behavior which is where the transformation comes. When you start to uncover the reasons why you get stuck in a particular way that isn’t serving you, that’s where the growth comes in.

Biggest benefit for Natasha of discovering her type

Natasha could step out and take more risks without feeling like she would be annihilated in any way.

Places to take Enneagram Test

TrueSelf.IO (free version)

Do not hold the results close to your heart. It’s not about the behavior, its about the why behind the behavior. Research the numbers and try to get it narrowed.

Overview of the Enneagram Types:

Type 1: Find the errors in different things and want to make things perfect. They have a loud inner critic. Core motivation is to be good and to be right.

Type 2: They send the hand-written cards and always want to do something for you. Known to be the helper and they want to be loved and seen.

Type 3: The Achiever wants to look good. They want to achieve anything. Worried and driven to look good, and look successful.

Type 4: A lot of times portrayed as the moody and creative type. Core motivation to be seen as unique and special.

Type 5: More quiet and private. Want to research everything, need their quiet time. Motivated to have enough.

Type 6: Ones have underlying anxiety. They are very loyal and want people to support them too. Motivated by the underlying fear and anxiety that something will go wrong so they are always prepared.

Type 7: Outgoing, upbeat, energetic person that can go from topic to topic. 7’s want to do all the fun things and adventures. In bad situations they can always flip to the sunny side.

Type 8: Bold, brave, blunt person. Sometimes they are portrayed as bossy. They can blaze the trail and grab everyone with them. If no one wants to take the lead, they will do it. Big passion and bold energy.

Type 9: Peacemaker. They see all sides of the situation making it hard to make a decision. They will do anything they can do to avoid conflict.

Can I change my type?

Umm no. There are so many strengths in your type, and you have a special way of doing you. Start your self-compassion journey and embrace who you are.

I know my type, now what?

Once you’ve found your type. Notice your strengths and see yourself non-judgmentally. If you're a person who likes to journal, take time to journal. Some topics to start:where did I get stuck? How did I get stuck?

What is a wing?

The wings are numbers on either side of your type. You can take some of the characteristics from either side. Depending on the situation, a wing could come out more prominently. Some people have no wings.

Enneagram for Kids

Wait to type kids because they don’t know themselves that in depth.

Hot Tips:

Try to figure out your type, then get curious on how to grow.


Natasha suggests not putting the enneagram in a box. Use it not just to say your type, but use it as a real tool for growth and to expand as a person in professional and personal situations.


Never let your anxiety stop you. Just take action even if you mess up.

Courage Song:

Level Up by Ciara


The Complete Enneagram by Beatrice Chestnut



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