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Episode 07: Leadership with Tianna Tye

Tianna Tye is an industrial organizational psychologist, which means she studied the science behind human behavior in the workplace. Her passion is in shaping and influencing the next generation of online leadership. She also helps creative entrepreneurs navigate the journey of leadership by intentionally hiring and developing their virtual dream teams.

Differentiating Factors between Online and In Person Leadership

It’s the little things like connecting, empathizing, and aligning yourself with your team.

Online space emphasizes the need for really good communication and solid team building.

Big Game Changer with Building Trust with Virtual Leadership

  • In person time! Human beings are relational creatures and there is nothing like face to face in person connection.

  • If in person time is not possible, Tianna suggests virtual leaders using zoom so it’s face to face at least once a week.

  • Get together and do a yearly team retreat and celebrate!

Tianna's Moment of Courage

In between undergrad and graduate school, she was rejected by all of the grad schools she applied to. She cried that night, then the next morning she applied to get her Zumba license. She accepted this was her new plan.

A couple of weeks later, she gets a call from a professor to formally welcome her into the program. She found out it was a clerical mistake. She actually got into the I/O program! She let go of her Zumba dream.

Having the courage to push past it til she figured out her next move is what stuck with her.

After that courage moment, how did that impact her future?

It really solidified this is where she’s meant to be and the space she’s meant to fill.

What is a myth about being courageous in leadership?

A myth is that a courageous leader means that you’re not vulnerable.

The most courageous leaders are in fact vulnerable.

What to do when hiring a team member that’s not a good fit

  1. Take in a deep breath because it happens to the best of us

  2. Try to identify the lesson. Reflect on why you chose that person.

When someone truly isn’t a good fit for our team, it’s on us as the people who brought them in. What did we miss?

Is a hiring disappointment usually a culture mismatch or skill set mismatch?

In the online space, usually skillset!

A lot of people go into hiring with a loose idea. We need to explicitly state what skills we need for the role. Outline the expectation. Outline the process.

Diverse and Inclusive Leadership

There has been more diverse leadership. Although, she sees some of the same patterns. Despite diverse leaders taking the stage, behind the scenes, their team will still be a very close reflection of who they are no matter what the demographic is.

Embrace more diversity in our leadership

One of the biggest things is expanding where you look for people. A lot of times whether hiring your team, or be a part of the summit, we tend to work off of referrals. A lot of our networks look very similar to us. Expand your network/reach by asking a friend of a friend for a referral.


As long as you care, and as long as you are being introspective of who you are as a leader, how you’re showing up and how you're treating your team then that is a big win. Most important is paying attention to how you show up, communicate, and treat the people around you.

We are all leaders!

If one person is looking up to you, you are a leader. You gotta embrace it!


Knowledge is not wisdom

Courage Song:

Good as Hell by Lizzo


The Alchemist


Connect With Tianna:

Website: Tianna Tye

Instagram: ​@tiannatye

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Instagram: @mingshelby

Facebook: Ming Shelby

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