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Episode 06: Speak Your Truth with Chase Mielke

Chase Mielke is a writer, speaker, and award-winning high school teacher. He runs, a blog dedicated to helping educators better understand and teach social-emotional learning. On today’s episode, he talks about the courage to create and speak your truth.

Significant moment of Courage:

In 2014, his moment of courage was starting his blog, Affective Living. He was putting very honest experiences of teaching out there in the world. Courage was writing the piece and also having it exposed to the world. He wrote a piece called “What Students Really Need to Hear” that went viral.

Courage has multiple parts: in the moment of the act, and also courage in the confidence that what you did was the right thing in the moment. Courage is an ongoing process.

How to build a mind fortress:

  • There’s no winning in trying to defend yourself online.

  • “Speak what you think today in hard words and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said today.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Wordy way of saying speak your truth right now

  • Hoping you’ll impact one person. Stay grounded in your purpose.

Biggest flaws of courage:

When we worry what the audience thinks or what the other person thinks, we no longer are authentic or true to ourselves.

If you’re interested in creating...

  1. Pick up the frickin’ pencil. Whatever it is you want to go for, do the act as cleanly and authentically you can without worrying about the impact.

  2. Stephen King’s idea of a muse. Sit and return to your muse.

Myth in creating content

You have everything figured out. Courage and truth is often messy.


Pick up a Frickin’ Pencil. Sit down, set a timer for 20 minutes and try!

Advice from someone else

Only Boring People get Bored. You create your own opportunities. Take the risk of trying something new.

Courage Song:

Found My Smile Again by D’Angelo


The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama

Positive Psychology Course:

This is the most important work he has done. He was using it and applying it in his own life when he was struggling. We talk about the means to happiness, but don’t talk about it directly. He started with 17 of the most at-risk high school students. It took off and now around 80% of high school students choose it as an elective. Everyone is craving an understanding of self.

What’s next for Chase?

Webinar TODAY on June 1st: Mindfulness for Normal Humans

End of Summer, he'll launch a course for teachers and their well being.


Connect With Chase:

Facebook: Chase Mielke

Connect With Ming:

Instagram: @mingshelby

Facebook: Ming Shelby

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