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Episode 05: Leap with Confidence and Build Wealth with Dr. Hans Boateng

Dr. Hans Boateng, the Investing Tutor, speaks about his entrepreneur journey and shares with us the key to financial success. He helps professionals with careers build wealth by teaching them how to invest.

To achieve financial success and build wealth:

  1. Invest

  2. Start a business

What started your transformation to becoming a full time entrepreneur?

Hans was working as a pharmacist making really good money and building his business part time 3-4 hours a day. There was a turn of events and his boss tried to get rid of him in different ways. One day he decided, " I am going to become my own boss.I’m going to make the business work ."

He didn’t jump blindly. Since he was running the business 3-4 hours a day, he knew the business could bring in money. He took that leap with confidence.

What did his process involve:

  1. Hard work

  2. Sacrifice

  3. Mental toughness

How Dr. Hans stayed grounded while building his business:

He had a conversation with his dad. His dad supported his choice and gave him the permission to start the business.


"All you need to hear from is that one person who believes in you. That one person who believes in you, take that and run with it. "


What transformed his business?

Honing his message to speak to a particular audience. Speak through his content to immigrants and minorities.

What is a myth in investing?

Investing is risky. It is the lack of knowledge of investing that is risky. Just because you have money to invest, does not mean you are capable to invest. We must acquire knowledge and skill so we are good investors.

The big lesson Hans learned:

Do not look for ways to make money quickly.

The key to financial success, focus on these 3 things simultaneously

  1. Savings

  2. Paying down debt

  3. Investing to build wealth


The rich don’t work for money.


Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Courage Song:

Anything by Akon


Connect With Dr. Hans:

Instagram: ​@investingtutor

Facebook: Investing Tutor

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Instagram: @mingshelby

Facebook: Ming Shelby

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