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Episode 03: Building a New Life in a New Country with Meghan Murphy

Have you ever considered picking up your life and moving across the Atlantic? Today on the podcast is my friend Meghan, who left the States 10 years ago and is still living the ex-pat life. She talks about what it was like to make the move, and what she’s been up to since.

Moment of Courage Up

Meghan listened to the Joni Mitchell album Blue and felt it tug on her so she just went for it.

Conquering Fear

What did she have to lose? Nothing is finite. No such thing as not being able to go back. She did give up family, great friends, and security of what life looked like. There was nothing she couldn’t go back and regain.

What Meghan Learned Living in Berlin

We’re all the same. She has friends from all different countries and we all have the same thoughts, feelings, desires.

Courage to Start an Adventure Blog

She created a blog on her adventures as an expat family in Portugal. She didn’t need as much courage to start it, but more courage to share it. Then she realized, it’s not about what other people want. It’s about her fulfilling this creative need and the blog makes her happy.


The first step is the most intimidating. As soon as you make it, you almost forget about the courage it took to take that step. Keep your hearts open to calls of courage. All of our paths look different, so you can’t compare your courage with someone else’s. Just be open and loyal to yourself. Courage looks different in different people.


Put yourself in the arena from Brene Brown. She would never know if Portugal works or not, unless she tried.


Educated by Tara Westover

Courage Song

This Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

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