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Episode 01: Three Lessons I Learned from Wolfpack by Abby Wambach

How to come together, unleash our power, and change the game.

I went on an artist date to watch Abby Wambach talk about her new book, Wolfpack. I love all of the rules she describes, and here are my 3 favorite.

1. Demand the Ball.

"What I learned is that the most inspiring thing on earth is a woman who believes in herself, who gives 100 percent, and who owns her greatness unapologetically."

We can own our greatness! It does not diminish anyone else's greatness. Instead we are. telling ourselves that we are worthy, prepared, capable, and good enough! We believe in ourselves.

2. Be Grateful and Ambitious

We can be grateful for what we have and demand for more. Gratitude does not hold us back from our desires and dreams.

3. Find Your Pack

Everyone needs a group of people who will hold them accountable to owning their greatness, and have their pack. Our Wolfpack support courageous people as we go on this courageous journey together.


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